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Danielle Gottlieb Sen: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Kudos Collection

Danielle Gottlieb Sen Receives Grants to Develop Innovative Ways to Monitor Babies with Congenital Heart Disease 

Danielle Gottlieb Sen
Danielle Gottlieb Sen, M.D., M.P.H., director of pediatric cardiac research and assistant professor of surgery, has been awarded two grants to develop a novel device to monitor babies with congenital heart disease at home. The grants, which total more than $150,000, include a Pediatric Innovation Grant from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where Gottlieb Sen is a pediatric cardiac surgeon, and another from the Brett Boyer Foundation. Gottlieb Sen and her research team aim to use the grants to develop a device that can continuously, accurately and noninvasively monitor cardiac output, or the amount of blood the heart can pump every minute, of infants with congenital heart disease. Gottlieb Sen says such monitoring is typically performed through invasive catheterization, which is not continuous and comes with procedural risks. The noninvasive methods employed by the team rely on bioimpedance and bioreactance technologies to predict cardiac output. Gottlieb Sen says she and her team hope to reduce the need for unnecessary invasive testing and improve mortality and morbidity in this especially vulnerable population. 
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