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Facial Pain and Facial Paralysis

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If you suffer from facial paralysis or chronic facial pain, there are several options to consider when searching for treatment including surgery, pain management, and rehabilitation therapies. Our patients are all ages and experience facial pain or paralysis due to trauma, illness, surgery, strokes or congenital conditions. We also treat chronic facial pain patients and are on the forefront of new methods in treating these devastating conditions.

Why choose Johns Hopkins?

Often sufferers of these conditions feel there is no hope. We provide a comprehensive approach to treating patients with facial paralysis and/or chronic facial pain that can include pain management, rehabilitation therapies, or surgery to help relieve symptoms. Our experts consult with each other often, are leaders in their field and conduct research in the treatment of chronic facial pain. Over years of practice, they have built a reputation as being among the best facial reconstruction surgeons in the country. 

Conditions We Treat

  • Facial paralysis, an inability to move the muscles of the face on one or both sides.
  • Trigeminal neuroma, rare tumors that may involve any part of the nerves of the face.
  • Moebius syndrome, a rare congenital (present at birth) condition that results from underdevelopment of the facial nerves that control some of the eye movements and facial expressions.

Our Facial Pain and Paralysis Surgeons



Kim Siefert, R.N.

Kim Siefert, R.N.
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