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Specialized care for your best friend collie dog standing in front of a mri machine

The Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy (CIGAT) is an internationally-recognized advanced diagnostic imaging facility designed specifically for the veterinary patient.

CIGAT offers the advantage of having experts in radiology, interventional radiology, neurology, oncology, and orthopedics overseeing advanced imaging techniques on leading edge equipment. In addition to veterinary imaging, MRI-, CT- and ultrasound-guided biopsies may be performed, as well as interventional radiology procedures, such as image-guided cryoablation and embolic therapy.

  • Our Experts

    The CIGAT team includes veterinary technicians, MRI technologists and nursing staff.

    radiologist with dog in her arms
  • Procedures

    Our one-of-a-kind resource focuses on bringing cutting-edge minimally invasive diagnostics and procedures to the veterinary pet population.

    cat standing in front of a mri machine
  • Make a Gift

    Your support allows our veterinarians to pursue cutting-edge research and provide high-quality veterinary care.

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To learn more about CIGAT

Email: | Telephone: 410-502-7325 | Fax 410-614-1977. 

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