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Division of Reproductive Science and Women's Health Research

The Johns Hopkins Division of Reproductive Science and Women’s Health Research is a comprehensive research center devoted to advancing the health of women at every stage of their lives. Led by Dr. James Segars, we are a team of lab scientists, biomedical researchers and patient care providers united in a desire to better understand reproductive processes. This includes investigating the impact social and environmental changes have on gamete exchange, fertility, nidation, maintenance of pregnancy, birth, cellular growth and senescence.

We know medical breakthroughs occur at the intersection of different scientific disciplines. Our collaborative approach to reproductive science draws strength from the expertise across Johns Hopkins. This has given birth to groundbreaking discoveries that assist the larger scientific community in improving the health of women, men and their offspring.


Dr. Roden and researcher in lab

Research Areas and Labs
Explore our labs and learn more about our focus areas of research.

Dr, James Segars

Our Researchers
Meet division director Dr. James Segars and our team of physician-scientists, who are at the forefront of biomedical discovery.

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Help us eliminate disparities in women’s health research and improve the lives of people around the world.