Research at Johns Hopkins Children's Center

In the pediatric surgical lab, doctors Hackam and Sinder

As the birthplace of academic pediatrics in the United States more than a century ago, Johns Hopkins Children's Center has been at the forefront of research. Our physician-scientists have unraveled and continue to unravel the mechanisms of childhood disease and to develop treatments for disorders common and rare. 

But today we aim even higher. Today, we are on a mission to make all medicine pediatric by identifying and uprooting the seeds of adult diseases in childhood. Our investigators are fighting this battle on many fronts: in the lab, in clinic and at the patient bedside. They are harnessing the power of genetics, epigenetics and proteomics to understand disease behavior, design treatments and even cures. 

Over the last 100 years, our work has altered the course of pediatric medicine in the United States-and worldwide-and we are confident that we will continue to redefine pediatrics for centuries to come.

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Our Research

child in hospital bed

Focusing on Blood Conservation in Pediatric Patients
New study leads to call for more judicious use of blood transfusions in pediatric cardiac surgery patients.

Reid Thompson

Home Is Where the Heart Is
Reid Thompson aims to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and echocardiography for patients with suspected heart murmur.