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Supporting the Patient and Family

Michelle Tuazon
Michelle Tuazon, RN

It is not every day that you meet people like Michelle Tuazon that genuinely touch your heart during a period of a family medical crisis. I felt it was imperative to recognize Michelle for her professionalism, all her hard work, dedication and sincere devotion to provide the quality care to her patients and their families. She is a true role model of how nurses and care providers should present themselves to patients and their families during their stay in the hospital. I wish there were more people like her.

I feel sincerely honored to have her met her and had her care for my mother. 

I am proud to donate to the Honor a Caregiver program in her name for all that she has done for my mother and our family. Thank you so very much Michelle Tauzon for being the Best of the Best!!!!

A Grateful Caregiver and Daughter

Care in an Emergency


Dear paramedics, nurses and doctors of HCGH,

We would like to thank you for saving our daughter, Alyssa.

She had febrile seizures on a cold day in December. She was only a year old when she had a terrible case of the flu. She had prolonged seizures. As a physician myself, it was a scary experience to witness our daughter while she was uncontrollably seizing. The paramedics were quick to respond and they calmed us down. We were so helpless. Later Alyssa was intubated and given IV seizure meds by the pediatric physician. With the efficient team of medical staff and excellent care and lots of love and prayers, our daughter recovered 100 percent. Enclosed is our donation to thank you for your service!

The Thattessery Family

Lifesaving Cancer Care

Robert Walker

If you asked Robert Walker why he and his wife honored his caregiver, oncologist Nicholas Koutrelakos, M.D., it is very simple. “He saved my life,” says Robert.

A few years ago, Robert was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in the appendix.

“We met with Dr. K., as everyone calls him, and he was wonderful,” says Robert. “I liked his positive attitude. When my wife and I first went to him, we were scared to death. I was hoping to just be able to take some chemo pills, but Dr. K. was up-front and frank that I would need surgery and chemotherapy, too.”

According to Robert’s wife of 50+ years, Maxine, “Dr. K. was so personable, and he related to us so well. He made us feel so special when we came in.

He made us feel like his friends – not just his patients.

We have a lot to be thankful for and this donation in his honor is a small way that we can express our appreciation.”

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