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Images and Reports for Patients

x-ray of an ankle

The eRadiology Center serves patients and physicians with the management of radiologic images. Patients may request copies of imaging studies and/or copies of their radiology reports.

Radiology reports will be available to patients following the radiologist’s interpretation of the imaging study.

Patients must complete a radiology patient health information release form before the report or images can be released to the patient. The release form is not necessary for the physician who ordered the exam to receive the report.

Frequently Asked Questions

View Results Through MyChart

MyChart is a secure website that provides you with the most up-to-date medical information about your care at Johns Hopkins.

Results from radiology exams will be available in MyChart after your exam. If you are already enrolled in MyChart, you will receive an email notification when your results are ready to be viewed. Current patients can complete an online form to communicate with providers, access test results, request prescription renewals and manage appointments. Learn more about accessing your medical record.

Request Copy of Report

To request a copy of your written report, please complete the patient release form and email, fax or mail it to the eRadiology Center.

Request Copy of Images

You can obtain a copy of your images before you leave Johns Hopkins radiology after having your exam. If you did not request during your appointment, please complete the patient release form and email, fax or mail it to the eRadiology Center. A valid photo ID is required when picking up your radiology records.

Radiology Second Opinion Request

If you are requesting a Johns Hopkins Radiology Second Opinion, you no longer need to personally bring your CDs to the Johns Hopkins Hospital or your appointments. We now offer the option for you to upload your studies into our Image Sharing Platform using Ambra.

  • Step 1: Please have your provider fill-out and sign the REQUEST FOR RADIOLOGY SECOND OPINION FROM NON-JH PROVIDERS form
  • Step 2: If you have not previously received health services at Johns Hopkins, the Radiology Registration form is needed to create a Johns Hopkins Medical Record number for the patient. This is only required if you have never been a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient
  • Step 3: To expedite your request, there are two options:
  1. Sending the DICOM formatted disc with the forms via FedEx or UPS OR
  2. Uploading your imaging studies to our Image Sharing cloud and emailing/faxing the required forms (Preferred method)
  3. To upload your radiology exams visit and select Patients, Providers, Referring Institutions Upload Images without an account (blue rectangle).
  4. For support with uploading images or using Ambra, please contact Ambra 24 X 7
  5. Support: 888-315-0790 or
  6. Submit a ticket:

Resource: Ambra Image Sharing Tip Sheet

  • Kindly note that there is a reduced professional fee for this service. Some health plans cover this service. You may contact your insurance carrier to inquire of your benefit coverage for radiology second opinions.
  • Please allow 5 business days to complete your request once forms and images have been received. If further assistance is needed, contact the eRadiology Service Center at (443) 287-7378.

Send Report to Other Physicians

Reports are automatically sent to your physician who ordered your exam. If you would like additional physicians to receive a copy of your report, please complete the patient release form and email, fax or mail to the eRadiology Center.

Contact the eRadiology Center

Johns Hopkins eRadiology Center
600 N. Wolfe St.
Nelson B104
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 443-287-7378
Fax: 443-769-1210

Nelson Basement (B104)
The eRadiology Center is open 24 hours Monday – Friday but closed from 7:30am – 6:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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