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Paul Rothman: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Kudos Collection

Paul B. Rothman Inducted into The Baltimore Sun’s Business and Civic Hall of Fame, Class of 2022

Paul Rothman

Paul B. Rothman, dean of Johns Hopkins’ medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, was inducted, along with 12 others, into the The Baltimore Sun’s Business and Civic Hall of Fame, class of 2022. Members of the group were chosen for their leadership and community endeavors, The Sun states. Effective July 1, Rothman will retire from his roles at Johns Hopkins after a 10-year tenure. In honoring Rothman, a rheumatologist and molecular immunologist, The Sun stated that he "is known as a 'passionate scientist, dedicated investigator and deeply caring physician,' according to colleagues. Among the work Dr. Rothman will be best remembered for is his development of the offices of Well-Being, and Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the institution’s laudable response to the pandemic."

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