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MIND. MEDICINE. HEALING. HOPE. Phipps garden at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Our Specialties

Caring for the whole patient is at the heart of our mission. The doctors and therapists at the Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences treat adults, adolescents and children through community psychiatric services, consultation clinics, inpatient units and day hospitals in more than a dozen specialty areas.


Education and Research

  • Professional Education

    The depth of our clinical expertise and the breadth of our research programs allow us to train the next generation of psychiatrists and scientists to be clinical and research leaders.

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  • Knowledge to Cure & Prevent

    Our clinical research programs range from efficacy and treatment-response studies to clinical trials and epidemiology.

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September 19, 2022 - Combating the Opioid Crisis: Focusing on Fentanyl

Road to Recovery is an annual conference that takes place during National Recovery Month and highlights hot topics within the field of addiction medicine. This year takes a look at the rising opioid epidemic with a focus on fentanyl.



Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy

Dr. Lauren Osborne and her lab at Johns Hopkins Women's Mood Disorders Center are studying the biology behind mental illness during and after pregnancy in efforts to development new treatments.

Huntington Disease and Its Effects

Dr. Jee Bang and her research team are currently running numerous clinical studies on Huntington’s disease. The studies involve testing new experimental drugs that treat symptoms, all while looking for new targets for therapeutics.

Our Locations

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