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The resources found on this page were created and are designed to assist faculty members in publishing their research.


Resources and Services

Beware! Scholarly Open Access: Potential, possible, or probable predatory journals

Please use this checklist from "Think Check Submit" to make informed decisions regarding questionable, open access standalone journals. Welch Library has a guide for more information on deciding where to publish, here.

Editing Referral Service (ERS) Johns Hopkins

The Editing Referral Service is a directory of qualified editors who can provide editorial assistance on a fee-for-service basis to Hopkins researchers. This directory is for faculty, staff and students affiliated with Johns Hopkins University or the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. The cost of editing provided by the editors listed in the directory is to be negotiated directly between the editor and the Hopkins researcher.

  • This referral service is designed to assist members of the Johns Hopkins biomedical community in finding a qualified freelance scientific editor who can provide editorial assistance with their academic writing projects. The editors listed here have considerable experience in the academic medical community and have undergone a screening process to evaluate their editing expertise and their ability to provide timely and reliable service.
  • All of these editors offer substantive editing: After critically reading a document, they can make constructive suggestions to improve its logical organization and clarity. Taking into account the document's intended audience, they also suggest revisions to increase the readability of the text and to ensure that the grammar and word choice conform to standard written English. Their goal is to help their clients produce documents that are well-organized, accurate, clear, and concise.
  • These freelance professionals offer their editorial assistance on a fee-for-service basis, and all arrangements for obtaining their services are to be made directly between the Hopkins author and the chosen editor. Authors are to negotiate directly with their editors regarding the scheduling and scope of the proposed work and the terms and payment for the editing services provided. Payment by the author is to be made directly to the editor. The editors receive no financial compensation from Johns Hopkins for the editing provided through this referral service. 

For additional information about particular editors listed below (including their areas of expertise and types of documents they will edit), please click on the individual's "Editor Profile."

EditorEducationPreferred Subject AreaPersonal Web PageFor More Info
Michelle Jones, Ph.D., ELS
Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Medicine
BS, Chemistry
Basic & clinical sciencesYesEditor Profile

Sarah L. Poynton, Ph.D. or

More Details: OnProcess

Ph.D., parasitology
B.Sc., Biology
Basic sciences &
Manuscripts from non-native English speakers
NoEditor Profile
Jennie Sherwin, M.A.

B.A., English
M.A., Counseling

Developmental Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading, in several medical and public health specialtiesYes

Web Page

Editor Profile

Martin Blair,
Publications Coordinator
Linguistics (English, Korean, Latin,
Greek, French)
Research proposals,
clinical sciences,
public health
NoEditor Profile
Roger Sherwin, M.B., B. Chir., M.A.

M.B., B. Chir (Univ. of Cambridge, British equivalent of M.D.)
M.A., Natural Sciences

Preventive cardiology, cardiovascular epidemiology; design, conduct, and analysis of randomized controlled trialsNoEditor Profile

Rebekah L. Zinn, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Cellular & Molecular Medicine
B.S., Biology

Basic, Translational, & Clinical sciencesNoEditor Profile


MedEdPORTAL Publications is a free publication service provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges promoting educational scholarship and collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of peer-reviewed health education teaching and assessment resources.

Click here to access this tool.

WAGs (Writing Accountability Groups)

Join a WAG (Writing Accountability Groups)

A WAG is an active writing group that meets once a week over a 10-week block and follows a strict agenda of 15 minutes of updates and goal-setting followed by 30 minutes of individual writing, and then 15 minutes of reporting and wrap-up (there is no peer review of your writing – the WAG is focused on developing a process and habit of writing). A WAG is limited to 4–8 members and you MUST commit to attending at least 7 of the 10 weekly sessions. I guarantee that if you adhere to the plan, you will achieve increased writing productivity (quantity and quality), have greater control over the writing process, experience improved goal-setting and time management, and as a bonus, you'll establish relationships with new colleagues and friends.

Please read the FAQs to learn more and how you can start a WAG in your department/division!

Welch Medical Library's Informationist Program

The Informationist Program at the Welch Medical Library serves the faculty, fellows, students, and staff of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions by sharing information about library collections and services and partnering with individuals and departments to support their research, clinical and teaching needs.

Welch Library FAQs

What types of services can my informationist provide?

Research Support
  • Consult on literature searching (research, clinical practice, or evidence-based medicine)
  • Get help with:
    • Systematic review searching
    • Data searching (statistics)
    • Background literature searches for grant proposals, papers, or reviews
    • NIH Public Access Policy
Information and Citation Management
  • Learn to more easily format references for papers and grants using RefWorks or EndNote.
  • Learn which product best meets your needs
Databases and Journals
  • Request topic-specific journals, books, and other resources
  • Hone your skills in searching for the literature using databases such as PubMed, Embase, SCOPUS,Web of Science, and PsycINFO
  • Receive updates on your favorite electronic resources
  • Learn searching tips and tricks
Information Access, how to:
  • Access full text articles from home (remote access) or office
  • Search the multi-library catalog
  • Request documents through interlibrary loan (Weldoc)
Grant and Presentation Support
  • Create effective poster presentations
  • Search for funding opportunities
  • Provide background searching for grant applications
How can my informationist provide these services?
  1. Departmental faculty and staff meetings
  2. One-on-one or small group in person meetings with faculty, staff and students
  3. In collaboration with teaching faculty on information skills training
  4. Journal clubs
  5. Lecture series
  6. Library orientations
  7. Through creating a customized Welch Information Portal and/or Space to meet the needs of your institution

For more information, contact your Welch Informationist:

Blair Anton, MLIS, MS, AHIP
Associate Director for Information Services
Phone: 410-502-7571

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