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Telemedicine Workforce Planning Symposium

Symposium Overview

Thank you for attending the 2022 Telemedicine Symposium! Details on next year’s event coming soon!

Our 2022 Interprofessional Telemedicine Education Symposium was held on March 7th, 2022 with 255 registrants representing an interprofessional audience attended.  Attendees included medical and nursing educators, practicing physicians and advanced practice providers, pharmacists, nurses, clinically and non-clinically trained support staff, patients, and technical professionals.  Participants from across the US, as well as a number of international learners also attended.  Please see below to view our recorded sessions!



Symposium Recordings

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    A Patient Perspective on Telemedicine: Getting from Good to Great
    Eddie Helmstetter
    Keynote: Telemedicine Progress and Challenges Emerging from The Pandemic
    Brian Hasselfeld, MD

    What Have We Learned and How Should Educators Respond?
    Roy Ziegelstein, MD; Shannon Idzik, DNP
    Telemedicine – Role of TM in Primary Care
    Eliana Perrin, MD; Richard Colgan, MD
    Workforce Education/Training: Current Needs & Emerging Solutions
    Christine Rawlinson, MSN; Bryan Barshick, MSN; Renay Tyler, DNP

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    Clinical Skills: Provider Tool Kit
    Judy Greengold, CRNP; Helen Hughes, MD; Lili Barouch, MD;
    Sharon Dlhosh, MD; Cherilyn Hall, MD

    Teaching Telemedicine to Medical Students
    Tina Kumra, MD
    Virtual Rounding via a Telemedicine Robot in a Neurology Rotation
    Melissa Motta, MD; Gunjan Parikh, MD
    Multispecialty Collaboration for Complex Patients in Telemedicine
    Ann Parker, MD
    Improving your “Webside” Manner for GME Audiences: What’s Different in Video Visits
    Gail Berkenblit, MD
    Leveraging Telemedicine to Improve Outcomes in Diabetes
    Shabina Ahmed, MD; Nisa Maruthur, MD
    Questions & Discussion

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    Teaching Telemedicine to Ambulatory Nursing Trainees
    Barb Van de Castle, DNP
    Implementing an EMR-based Telephone Triage Tool for Nurses
    Cathy Widmer, MSN
    Central Nursing Services in Telemedicine: Annual Wellness Visits
    Marcella Sancho, DNP; Kirsten (Casey) Green, MSN
    Team-Based Care Implementation and Assessment Best Practices
    Mindy Berger, MSN
    Training for a Nurse-Managed Anticoagulation Service in Telemedicine
    Erica Sauer, MSN; Jillian Dozier, RN
    Home BP Telemonitoring in Underserved Communities to Reduce Disparities
    Yvonne Commodore-Mensah, PhD
    Questions & Discussion

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    Workforce Development: Virtual Primary Care Center
    Michael Albert, MD; Kathryn A. Waldeisen, MHA
    Launching Virtual Care in Ambulatory Endocrinology
    Kendall Moseley, MD; Douglas Ferreira, MBA
    Increasing Technical Literacy for Patients and Consumers
    Kelly Gleason, PhD
    Keeping Up with Billing and Code Changes in Telemedicine
    Mary McDermott, MBA; Maura McGuire, MD
    Narrative Medicine: Telemedicine Outcomes
    Julia Chen, MD; Kristin Collier, MD; Ssanyu Birigwa, MS; Ranjeet Ahluwalia
    Training and Education of the Interprofessional Telehealth Team
    Shruti Chandra, MD
    Questions & Discussion

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    Linking Academia, Operations and Practice: Bright Future of Telemedicine
    David Stewart, MD
    Video Visits Panel Discussion
    Keisha Mullings-Smith, HCMBA; Judy Greengold, CRNP;
    William Thomas, MA; Eddie Helmstetter

    Telemedicine Education: It Takes a Virtual Village
    Ashwini Davison, MD
    Managing Change and Moving Forward
    Anthony Roggio, MD

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