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Television & Phone

HCGH has teamed with an outside agency to provide a convenient way for patients to pay for telephone and television charges. All telephone and television charges associated with an inpatient visit will be placed on the patient's home telephone bill.

Patients are billed $6.95 per day for television and local phone service. The charge is capped at seven days and includes a $4, one-time activation fee. All inpatients, except for those in the intensive care unit and psychiatric unit, will be billed automatically for this service. Patients will also be made aware of these charges through an insert in the patient handbook and a statement on the admission consent form. Insurance companies generally don't cover telephone and television charges related to an inpatient visit; this new billing method creates a more efficient process for both patients and the hospital. The hospital has begun to pursue television upgrades that could include movies on demand, directed educational videos, expanded channels and other services.


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